Horses Help Heal the Hurt

“Thank you for the horse riding! It helped me forget about my parents”
…Hearts ~Rodrigo

“When I rode the horse all the problems went away because I was having so much
fun. The horses are really sweet and calm”

“I want to go again my favorite horse is Rocky. I want to go again. I learned a
lot of stuff I had a good time” ~Alex

About Us

For twenty years we have been successfully organizing and creating summer horse camps for at risk children, working with other local agencies to provide a uniquely healing and transformational experience for hundreds of these children.

We are a non profit organization that since 1998 has been dedicated to combining the healing power of horses and the kindness of strangers to help our most vulnerable children. More recently, we have added after school EFL (Equine Facilitated Learning) programs for these same children.

Summer Horse Camps

The children we serve need your help. They are part of our community, but their hurt is often not seen. The kindness of strangers and the connection with a horse, help heal the hurt.

Summer horse camps are a collaborative event, reflecting the long-standing commitment of three Santa Barbara organizations to provide at-risk children with opportunities they otherwise might not have.

The Santa Barbara Youth Project partners with local, well-established, and respected organizations such as C.A.L.M., Hearts Therapeutic Riding, Fighting Back and MISC in serving the community.

73 year old Buellton man sets personal best record

Thank you, thank you, everyone for your very generous support of my suffering for a good cause!! You raised $6,000.00 for the children’s horse programs which our non-profit, 501(c)3 The Santa Barbara Youth Project supports.

And by the way, I did actually finish in 2hours, 14minutes and 8 seconds , which was over 15 minutes faster than I challenged myself to do and certainly faster and further than I’ve ever run in my life ! I also came second in my age group ( ” ancient decrepits” ) and within the top half of all finishers

UPDATE !  We have raised over $7,000 to date from this event !  I discovered a new (to me at least) law of physics (similar to Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion).  I ran the second half of the race significantly faster than the first half because I realized that “For any given distance the faster one runs, the sooner the suffering ends.”  This law explains the phenomenally fast finishing times for world class distance runners !

Save the Date

Hello Friends,

Excited to invite you to join us on Sunday, June 30th for the 11th Annual Santa Barbara Youth Project Benefit Concert at Standing Sun Wines in Buellton.  Watch this space !  Details will follow.

The Santa Barbara Youth Project has been designated by the IRS as a non-profit organization. We are supported entirely by donations from the general public and private foundations. We’ve always collaborated with other non-profit agencies.





1531 Chapala Street Suite 2 Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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